Doctor Blades are manufactured from highly refined strip steel specially selected for Doctor Blades.

The final finished product is finished with a extra-smooth edge ensuring that the blades perform a clean wiping action on the gravure cylinder/anilox roller immediately on start-up.

"Every metre of Doctor Blade is physically inspected to ensure that the customer receives a totally defect free product every time thereby eliminating expensive press downtime."

SUREPRINT Doctor blades can be used for Rotogravure and Flexographic printing as well as for coating applications.

These doctor blades are available in several varieties and edge configurations based on customer application and process requirements.  These are enumerated below:


  1. SUREPRINT-STANDARD: High density carbon steel blades having a refined microstructure suitable for Standard Rotogravure & Flexographic printing and coating applications with solvent and water based inks.
  2. SUREPRINT-PLUS: High density carbon steel doctor blades having an Ultra-refined microstrucuture which allows for low friction doctoring with minimum wear ensuring LONG RUNNING LIFE. This blades is useful for long run jobs and/or when working with abrasive inks to ensure efficient printing press performance with minimum downtime.

  4. SUREPRINT- ULTRA PLUS : Premium High Quality doctor blade manufactured from a specially formulated steel suitable for low pressure doctoring at high line speeds with even longer running life. Suitable for both Gravure and Flexo printing.
  5. SUREPRINT-EXCEL : Top of the line High performance doctor blade offering long running life with excellent properties to eliminate streaks and drag outs. Suitable for high quality Rotogravure and Flexographic printing.


SUREPRINT-STAINLESS: Ultra-refined High quality doctor blades for high corrosion resistance and long running life.Useful when printing with water based inks with high PH value.


SUREPRINT Doctor Blades are available in several edge configurations:

1. LAMELLA EGDE : also commonly called STEP Edge is the most commonly used edge configuration preferred by customers.

Incorporating the latest technology, SUREPRINT Doctor blades increase productivity, improve quality and reduce wastage or rejections. The unique shape of the lamella ensures that a constant contact area with the cylinder is maintained throughout the life of the blade. Resulting in uniform printing throughout the print run. Thus no resharpening is required.

The novel shaping process of the lamella ensures that there are no longitudinal grinding scratches or shed marks.Also, The parallel zone of the lamella ends in a smooth taper called dynamic zone which reduces vibrations and fatigue.

The Sureprint advantage - over conventional blades:
  1. The blade life is atleast upto 6 times longer than a conventional blade.
  2. The contact area remains constant throughout the entire life of the doctor blade.
  3. No change in the tonal values through blade wear.
  4. Minimal doctor blade pressure reduces chrome destruction and extends cylinder life.
  5. Less wastage and rejections.
  6. No running-in time required.
  7. No doctor blade grinding equipment required.
  8. Less downtime caused through replacement of doctor blades
  9. Constant conditions for proofing(no tonal variations and easy colour matching.

2. STRONG LAMELLA: This is basically a lamella type blade where instead of the edge being absolutely parallel to the main blade body it is tapered between 5 to 30 microns depending on customer requirements.This doctor blade edge helps to minimize print errors with poor doctor blade settings and to make it a little more"forgiving". The blade has a gradual contact edge and has increased strength to better support the lamella.

3. Other edge configurations, such as Round Edge blades are also available on request.


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